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Liz Pinkston, NFR Winner of "Average," multi-titled champion barrel racer.

"Thank you Butch for your amazing products!"

TO USE: Shake well. Give 15 - 20 cc's by mouth one to two hours before performance for optimum effectiveness. The more aggressive horse benefits from a dose that is at least two hours prior to an event or ride. A lesser aggressive horse can be treated the night before or the morning of their event. For follow-up doses, give a reduced amount between 10 and 15 cc's. For horses that are difficult to haul, Tension Eaze can be given at loading time. Product has a 24-hour window; daily use exceeding three to four days is not recommended.  May cause brief, excessive salivation in horses with digestive issues. For animal use only. Store at room temperature; store away from high heat. Product can be refrigerated.

Stress Line Tension Eaze


Madi Outhier, Qualifier for American Semi-Finals in Roping, Multi-Wiinner in TYRA Barrel Racing, Poles." I use Stress Line on all my horses and truly believe it's what keeps them so sound and running so good." 

Stress Line Tension Eaze is an oral liquid for soothing nervous horses that are over-excited from their surroundings or from the stress of hauling. The horse with nervous reactions before performing, such as going into the arena, standing in the box waiting for a calf or going into the starting gates will benefit from Tension Eaze. It is 100% natural.

Tension Eaze will enhance focus and attention for peak performance and will benefit all equine athletes. It is effective in reducing muscle tension and relieving muscle cramps without creating the sluggish effects that drugs often cause. Stress Line Tension Ease also has been shown to help ulcers and digestive problems due to stress and may help with colic, however always consult a veterinarian if colic is present.

12 oz.- 20 to 24 doses


Jo Kirby

Stress Line Tension Eaze
helps to...

The name Tension Eaze says it all...for running, for hauling, for signs of colic.

  • Soothe Over-Excited Horses
  • Relieve Body Cramps
  • Reduce Muscle Tension
  • Enhance Focus and Attention
  • Calm Nerves With No  Dulling Effects
  • Ease Effects of Colic and Ulcers