INGREDIENTS:Aloe Vera, Homeopathic agents, Royal Jelly*. Mel Honey**, Citric Acid, Argan Kernel Oil, potassium Hydroxie, DMSO as an agent to aid absorption, potassium nitrate as a preservative.

*Royal Jelly is secreted in the hive by the worker or nurse bees as the only food source just for the adult queen bee for her development and for larvae containing potential queen bees. It is not honey.

**Mel Honey is a special type of honey that contains added iron,proteins and vitamins.It is produced by bees that are fed a diet that includes healing herbs.

  • Remove  Body Soreness 
  • Reduce Pain from Injuries
  • Eliminate Swelling, Inflammation
  • Release Tight Muscles
  • Free Up The Body Before Training or Performing
  • Stabilize Body Work

Sydni Blanchard, three-time NFR Barrel Race Qualifier, assists Butch Mayhugh in applyng Equine Body Butter to Famous Heartbreaker.

Equine Body Butter is highly effective for removing soreness and pain caused by performance exertion, training and injuries. It provides relief for sore backs, general body tightness and muscle spasms which all hinder range of motion and stride. It also treats body injuries in the deep tissues, legs and ankles.    

Body release and beyond! Results are immediate, from removing hard spasms and soreness over the entire body of the horse to reducing swelling in ankles and legs. It helps to soften tight muscles and to eliminate neck, hip and back pain common in all performance horses. Soft, supple muscles in a horse's body result in a lengthened stride, a free body with more flex and a better attitude. This is a therapy you can do at home and on the road to keep your horse sound.

Equine Body Butter used during training and at events will keep the horse's body fresh and performance-ready. It will help stabilize body work and therapy by making results last longer. This product delivers superior relief over electrical devices.  

Go beyond electronic therapy devices and get longer lasting results with Equine Body Butter!

C.L. Butch Mayhugh is demostrating "muscle framing" in the application of Stress Line Equine Body Butter.

   4 lb. Pail $85.00

Paisley Pierce, 2018 Texas High School Rodeo Reserve Barrel Racing Champion at the Las Vegas  All-In Barrel Race. 

Equine Body Butter



TO USE: With your fingers, apply down indentations and on any noticeable deep creases of the horse's body to provide relief from soreness and pain. We call this "muscle framing." Apply on the center line of the underbelly from sternum to the groin area for relief of soreness in the back and hips. Go from the navel out to the bottom of the flank along the core of the body and up into the groin all the way back to the tail. Use at the poll area, use in front of the ears, across the forehead and at the throat latch to release tight muscles that cause head and neck issues. Use at the upper front legs where they tie into the body, going around to the"armpit' areas, and then from elbows to knees on the inside of the leg. Use inside the gaskins, and follow down to the hocks. Apply to the coronet bands at center front, on each side, and then on the underside of the foot above the heels in the trench or V-shaped area. This will remove swelling at the coronet band and on the ankles. Let dry before applying tack.

  Equine Body Butter

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