C.L. Butch Mayhugh demonstrates the correct application of Breath Eaze.

Casey Stucker and Casey Rieck, Team Breathe Ease, have had great success with the use of Breath Eaze gel on their barrel horses. Here they show their $$$ winnings in San Antonio June, 2017.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, aloe vera, isolated colloidal silver, carbomer, TEOA, dimethyl sulfide, fragrance, D and C violet 2, potassium nitrate as a preservative.  .

All horses experience breathing problems from time to time. Over-exertion, stress from strenuous exercise or performance, colds, allergies and reaction from dust particles in the arena, stall or barn area are all common factors that contribute to breathing issues.

When a horse is struggling to breathe, it cannot perform at its best. Breathe Eaze is highly effective in contributing to an over-all feeling of well-being. It increases oxygen intake so that a horse has more energy during and after its performance. Breathe Eaze  has shown to be effective in control nasal bleeding, especially in horses that bleed despite the use of Lasix. Better and longer-lasting than nasal strips!

Stress Line Breathe Eaze

 A topical gel to open nasal passages for improved  breathing 


Breathe Eaze opens up the head and and improves breathing immediately.

8 oz. Jar  $55.00


       STRESS LINE     BREATHE EAZEhelps to...

  • Improve Breathing
  • Open Nasal Passages
  • Remove Mucous
  • Treat Allergies, Colds and Effects of Air-Borne Dust Particles
  • Speed Up Recovery Time After Performance
  • Reduce Fatigue
  •  Control Nasal Bleeding From Exercise and Over-Exertion


TO USE: FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  DO NOT USE WITH NASAL STRIPS. Using finger tips, apply a light coat of Breathe Eaze gel on the side of each nostril along the sinus area. Let dry. Apply only once per run or per performance. For best results apply at least one hour prior. With first time use, there may be a large amount of mucous expelled from nostrils, which is normal.

WARNING: Do not use inside the nostrils. Keep out of mouth. Flush with cold water if accidentially ingested. For veterinarian use only.