Description The solution to quickly provide general body and nerve pain relief.  For problems in knees, ankles, hocks and legs. Excellent for horses experiencing "short-stepping" or not extending due to muscle restrictions and soreness. Highly effective for older horses with stiff arthritic joints. Use instead of or to prolong the need for joint injections.

Stress Line Joint Paint
$65.00   16 oz. bottle

Stress Line 2000 Gallon

$80.00   128 oz. bottle

DescriptionThe go-to product to aid all horses with tight muscles, body soreness, strains. Its anti-bacterial quality quickly cleanses and heals soft tissue wounds. Warms and loosens muscles and ligaments before a ride, competition or exercise. Very useful for damaged ligaments, bowed tendons and suspensory tears. Reduces swelling. Helps to prevent body soreness.

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Description A creamy gel for over-all body soreness, pain and tightness. It provides immediate relief and release in the poll, the neck, hips, and back. Under belly application from sternum to groin treats for backs and hips. Provides improved flex, softer muscles. Extends effectiveness of body therapy.    

Stress Line 2000 Spray

$25.00   32 oz. bottle

Buy two gallons of Stress Line 2000 and get one $25 bottle of Stress Line 2000 spray free! The smart way to keep this versatile product on hand. Keep one in the barn and one in the trailer.

Stress Line Performance Combo

2 bottles of Stress Line Joint Paint plus 1 Stress Line 2000 Spray


Stress Line Tension Eaze

$50.00   12 oz. bottle

Get a tremendous savings on Stress Line Joint Paint with the purchase of our gallon size. Contents equal 8 bottles. The gallon size normally would sell for $520!  We provide a discounted price of $375 which gives you a savings of $18 per bottle. 

Description If you are a frequent competitor or have several horses in your barn, the gallon size of our popular Stress Line 2000 spray will give you more product for a great price - save $20 with the gallon size. Also use it as a convenient way to refill the 32 oz. spray bottle.

Description Our pick for managing and preventing painful body and muscle problems. These highly effective formulas will enable your horse to meet the challenges of competition while maintaining optimum performance.

Stress Line Joint Paint Gallon

$375.00   128 oz. bottle

Stress Line Breathe Eaze

$55.00   8 oz. jar

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SPECIAL  Buy 2 gallons Stress Line 2000 - Get 1 FREE 

                                   Stress Line 2000 Spray


Description The natural answer to nerves and anxiety in your horse. Soothes and settles horses experiencing issues from entering the arena, reactions to environment, and the stress of training and hauling. Allows for better focus without dulling effects. It will immediately assist the horse with muscle cramps and will provide relief from colic and ulcer symptoms. Excellent for hauling. 

Stress Line Equine Body Butter

$85.00   4 lb. pail

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DescriptionA topical gel that opens nasal passages to improve breathing, and increase oxygen in-take leading to better and faster performances. Breathe Eaze removes mucous and stops congestion from colds and allergies. It assists in preventing nasal bleeding from over-exertion or exercise, and speeds up recovery time after performance. Contains 22-25 applications.