Sylvia Zerbini, award-winning equine performer and trainer of Grande Liberte horses. Sylvia was formerly with Ringling Brothers Circus and most recently is a lead performer touring in the internationally acclaimed equestrian show, "Cavalia."

ingredients: A proprietary formula including ozonated distilled  water, distilled Aloe Vera, highly purified H2O2 FG, dimenthyl sulfoxide for absorptioN. 32 and 128 FLUID OZ. bottles  

TO USE: Prior to riding, spray Stress Line 2000 on the entire body, from head to hoof, including the center line of the belly area, on back, on neck muscles, legs, and in groin area. Repeat as needed, especially after an event or ride. It can be used under leg wraps, but wraps are not necessary for effectiveness of product as it is not a sweat. It does not cause irritation, scurfing or blistering when used alone. This product creates oxidation, therefore will result in temporary lightening of hair with heavy use. Use beyond three consecutive days is not suggested.  For external use only; for animal use only. Keep out of eyes. Flush with water immediately if sprayed into eyes.

STRESS LINE 2000 SPRAY helps to...

  • Reduce  Body Tension 
  • Treat Bowed Tendons
  • Treat Suspensory Tears and Damaged Ligaments
  • Reduce Swelling in Legs
  • Soothe Skin Rashes and Insect Bites
  • Heal Deep Tissue Cuts and Wounds
  • Clean and Sanitize Wounds


   Stress Line 2000 Special $160

Stress Line 2000 Spray is the "go-to" for strains, sprains and injuries of all types.

Gallon Jug $80

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32 oz. Spray Bottle $25

Stress Line 2000 Spray


Stress Line 2000 Spray is used for maintenance and treatment of soreness and injuries on competition and pleasure horses.

Body stress, sore muscles, strains and injuries in the horse inevitably follow any type of athletic activity. Whether you and your horse have years of competition or you are new to your sport, your program should include Stress Line 2000. This product will enable you to manage your horse's body as it will treat spasms in muscles as well as heal soft tissue wounds. The formula was developed with the relationship bewteen the muscles, tendons and ligaments in mind.

In competition or on the trail, you want your hrse to performa at its best. Stress Line 2000 is used pre-event to warm the muscles and reduce body tension, and afterward to eliminate condition leading to soreness. This will aid in recovery time between events. It is also highly effective in healing topical or deep wound injuries, skin rashes and insect stings. Stress Line 2000 treats damaged ligaments and bowed tendons by inceasing internal oxygen to the affected area, thus oxidizing blood caught inside the tendon sheath. It works to dissolve hematomas and will reduce swelling. It helps to heal suspensory tears.  It has shown to be effective as a germicidal agent, therefore is a great all-natural sanitizer. Stress Line 2000 has become an effective accompaniment to Stress Line Joint Formula, particularly to treat bowed tendons.