Stress Line 2000 Spray  The Ultimate Body and Leg Remedy

Body armor for all horses and show livestock for pre-warm up, pre-event and injuries.This formula was developed with muscles, tendons and ligaments in mind. Works to loosen muscles, soothes body strain, sore backs, spasms. Treats skin injuries such as cuts, tissue wounds, abscesses, burns, and body rash. 32 oz. spray bottle and1 gallon jug.

 Stress Line Equine Products are the natural choice for body maintenance, prevention and treatment of  injuries and pain in all horses. Easy to use. Drug-free. Effectiveness can be seen right away. Proven results you can see for yourself and feel in your horse! 

             All-Natural Equine Products For Performance and Health of Professional and Pleasure Horses

Stress Line Therapy appointments: 

                      C.L. Butch Mayhugh



   When you add Stress Line Products to your training program, you will see definite improvement in your horses' performance and physical condition.                 Want a competitive edge without harmful drugs?  Want to improve training?  Need to treat injuries and pain?
Did you know that many training and performance problems are the result of undetected or unnoticed pain or physical issues? When a horse is pushed past it's fitness level and becomes sore, strained or injured, Stress Line Products will shorten recovery time by mending, relieving stress and pain, and maintaining over-all body health. 
                                                                            Stress Line Products put you in control!
You as rider, owner or trainer can easily take care of physical issues or injuries to your horse on the spot, when it's needed most, before they become big problems that prevent your horse from achieving its' best. Stress Line Products are custom formulations made by professional horseman, C. L. Butch Mayhugh, whose vast knowledge and expertise in equine body mechanics span over 40 years.  Stress Line Products work immediately, are non-toxic and contain all-natural, safe ingredients... no steroids or antibiotics.
Stress Line Tension Eaze Oral Liquid Stress Relief
A drug-free treatment for nervous horses experiencingexcitement,body cramps, or muscletensiondue to their environment. Addresses performance and behavior issues by calming, thus helping the horse focus. Has been know to address digestive problems caused by stress such as ulcers and colic.12 oz. bottle
Stress Line Breathe Ease   A Topical Gel To Improve Breathing

Breathing problems happen not only as result ofover-exertion, and strenuous exercise but also from allergies, barn dust andcolds. These issues are solved with the application of this topical gel to the sinus areas on the nose. It opens up nasal passages, removes mucous, and assists in the control of nasal bleeding. Improved breathing in the horse means better, faster performances, less fatigue and quicker recovery time. 8 oz. jar.

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Stress Line Joint Paint  Joint and Tendon Relief

Relief for pain, strained orinjured joints, tendons, and for inflammation affecting all horses. Replaces or prolongs the need for joint injections. Works to increase flex  and
range of motion and to soften scar tissue. For arthritic joint problems and calcium deposits. Use before and after events to prevent discomfort or to treat the stress and
strain of any type of competition.16 oz. bottleand1 gallon jug.

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