Our products evolved out Butch's quest for a better way of treating physical conditions in horses. He was one of the first to utilize alternative body therapy and a more natural approach to treating the physical stress, strains and injuries that occur in all performance horses. Working with his own stable of horses in the 1970's, Butch realized that race horses were like any natural athlete, and needed more than typical sweats, mud, leg wraps and alcohol baths. This conviction led him to begin a therapy and stress management program on his own horses, developing a procedure to locate the stress points of the horse. At the time, a body therapy business for horses was almost unheard of, and if known, was scoffed at. Despite this, Butch expanded his work from his own stable of horses to stables at various race tracks in New Mexico and later in California, and Stress Line Therapy was launched. Soon he was applying his therapy techniques not only to race horses, but also to jumping, cross country, and then barrel and roping horses. Stress Line has consistently improved the performance and health for scores of horses and their satisfied owners.








About Us... 

We are C. L. Butch and Sharon Mayhugh, the founders and manufacturers of Stress Line Equine Natural Products for Horses.



            A HOBBY BECOMES A


We are a veteran horseman and wife who began our adventure with the purchase of one horse in 1968. This led us into a hobby of horse racing, although our first horse laughingly was no race horse as it turned out. We got so excited about racing that next came the purchase of a race horse training farm, then an eventual career change for Butch to quarter horse training, followed by a relocation from our home state of Texas to New Mexico, and a few years later on to California to pursue thoroughbred racing at its best.

Over the years, we have seen such improvement in the health of horses as owners have become more knowledgeable and pro-active in managing the health and fitness of their own horses. Our mission at Stress Line Equine Products is to continually develop natural, effective products which will enable you and your horse to reach and maintain maximum performance levels. We continually work to help horses to meet the challenges of competition while maintaining optimum fitness.

To increase and prolong the effects of body therapy, Butch began to custom formulate and test all-natural, drug-free products on the various problematic horses in his care. His goal was to create products with effectiveness that actually could be seen. After several years of testing, he brought to the equine marketplace his Stress Line 2000 spray, originally made for bowed tendons. Next came Stress Line Joint Formula (Paint), made to eliminate the need for joint injections and to treat pain. Then came Stress Line Tension Eaze formulated to remove body tension and to settle over-excited nervous horses without drugs.

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