How should I store my Stress Line Products?
No refrigeration is needed. Keep at room temperature for best results.

Can I apply other products like fly spray over the Stress Line Products?

Yes. To date, we have never seen an interaction between our products and other topical products.

Can I give medications such as "bute" with Stress Line Products?

Yes. There are no drugs or ingredients that would prevent medicines from being effective.

What are the differences between Stress Line 2000 and Joint Paint? How do I know when to use which?

Both products are similar in their appearance and composition and share some of the same properties. Stress Line 2000 was originally formulated for bowed tendons to help oxidize blood trapped in the tendon sheath. It is the go-to product for body maintenance, and has proven to be effective on cuts, wounds, insect stings, rope burns and general skin injuries. It improves healing time. Stress Line Joint Paint was formulated to decrease or eliminate the need for joint injections. It has shown to help extend the life of joint injections if you are already doing so. Joint Paint is the choice for joint pain and discomfort, stiffness and pain and problems in ligaments, tendons, hocks and feet. It is effective for arthiritic conditions in knees, ankles and feet.

What makes Stress Line Products better than other similar products?

Our products really work.  Formulated by a true horseman, C.L. Butch Mayhugh with years of hands-on experience in equine body mechanics and superior knowledge of the horse, their effects will be visible in your horse. We have scores of satisfied customers throughout the United States who depend on Stress Line Products for winning performances.

Thelma Thompson was one of our first Stress Line clients, using the products on the Thompson Ranch barrel and roping horses. Her son Ross and Genuine Pokey (above) placed 2nd in the AQHA Amateur World Calf Roping in 1999 when Pokey was age 19. The next two consecutive years  Pokey, at age 20 and then at age 21, and Ross won the  AQHA Amateur World Calf Roping Championship.

Can I use leg wraps or boots after applying Stress Line?

Yes, but it is not necessary as Stress Line Products are not sweats. It is your choice. In general running boots can be placed  immediately after application. With Equine Body Butter, let the gel dry before placing boots wraps.

Can I mix Stress Line 2000 and Joint Paint together?

Yes. This is an effective way to make your Stress Line 2000 even stronger.

Do Stress Line Products meet the requirement to pass the "test barn"?
Yes. We have never had our products test positive. The topical products have a small amount of DMSO for the purpose of absorption, however typical testing for DMSO is for intraveinous, not topical use.

Can I bathe my horse after I use Stress Line or will the products wash off?

Yes, they will wash off or become diluted if you use soap and/or water immediately after using them. We suggest waiting about five minutes or so before you bathe your horse.

How soon can I put my saddle blanket and saddle on after painting the withers?

Wait a few moments until the product has been absorbed into the body of your horse.


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